Standard package

Upfront payment of $1495 for minimum two months of ongoing support.

Custom package

For multiple hires or roles. We can cater our service to what works for your business.

Every engagement includes

✔ Advertisement writing

✔ Advertisement promotion

✔ Online job board database searches

✔ Application management 

✔ Remote interview coordination

✔ Phone screening applicants

✔ Weekly overview and check in

✔ Ongoing support

Additional services

We are able to deliver the following additional services for $120+GST per hour:

  • Reference checking
  • Interview coordination and interviewing
  • Police checks
  • Credit checks
  • HR expertise

Full search engagement

If you're wanting to move to a full search engagement, we can utilize Consultus Executive Search (our parent company) who has 20+ years of experience in the New Zealand and Australian market. Any investment you've made in TwoTicks for that role will be deducted from fee and the discounted rate is 15% (payable on placement). 

Frequently asked questions

What do you mean by minimum 2 months of support? 

We will support you until you have filled your role. The only extra cost is renewing your advertising after the 2 months.

How do we deliver that much value and service at that price point?

We have great systems and train second/third year university students which lowers our costs while giving them experience. 

What are your payment options?

There is the upfront or split payment option which can be paid by bank transfer or credit card.

What happens if I hire more than one person during our engagement?

We usually work until you've made your first hire. If more than one hire is required, or you find more than one great candidate, we charge an additional hire rate which is our service fee.

We always need certain people. Can you continue sourcing staff for our company throughout the year?

We can be looking for staff on an ongoing basis. We have clients currently doing this. 

Do you charge a finders fee?

No we don't charge any finders or success fees.

Our hiring solution

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