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With Doug's many years of experience in the recruitment industry he would constantly have friends and family come to him with queries about hiring for their business who couldn't afford traditionally high recruitment fees. 

After seeing the same hiring challenges pop up time and time again - time crunch, complexity and cost - Doug recognised the opportunity to solve these problems for small to medium sized businesses by offering an accessible and affordable hiring solution. And so, TwoTicks was born. 

TwoTicks is a unique and refreshing alternative to traditional recruitment companies. We value and support the next generation of HR superstars and have built our business model on nurturing our employees by providing work experience to university students working toward a career in HR. 

As a result, our team is eager to learn and deliver great results. Our culture is dynamic and progressive and we hope to pass on our enthusiasm for the work we do to each and every one of our clients. 

Our Team

Doug Magee

Owner/Director- New Zealand

I have 40 years of work experience, which over 20 has been in hiring and recruitment. I spent 15 years in the IT&T industry and also spent some time as an Accountant and a Research Analyst. When I am not working, we have 2 children and a holiday house in a plot of olive trees in Martinborough. I love boating in my little runabout/fishing boat off the Wellington coastline and am working on my career as a golf pro but I have a looooong way to go!


Tony Parkin

Director - Australia

I have thirty years' experience in the recruitment industry and have successfully completed recruitment mandates for Australian and New Zealand based clients both in Australia and across the globe. My wife and I enjoy sailing and compete in regular races on Sydney Harbour. We also enjoy chasing the snow whenever spare time allows. 


Emma Fitzgerald


I recently graduated from the Victoria University of Wellington, majoring in Marketing and International Business. I sometimes help out the operations and sales teams so you may see my name pop up here and there. In my spare time I am binge watching any good TV series I can find or with friends. 


Jack Chen


I recently joined the TwoTicks sales team and it's been great working here with a lovely new team and new environment with new challenges ahead of me. After work I tend to focus on what I love, as I am an active combat sports practitioner, besides getting punched in the face for fun, I enjoy a few drinks with friends and family as I tend to my wounds from work and sports.


Luke Bean


After gaining my degree in sports coaching at Leeds Beckett University, I decided to jump on a plane and fly to the other side of the world where I bumped into Sam who introduced me to Twoticks. In my spare time I'm playing football regularly, as well as beating Doug through 18 holes on the golf course! I do also enjoy a few beers to wind down with my mates and my girlfriend as well. 


Sacha Humphreys


I am a recent addition to the Operations team at TwoTicks and it's great to be working with such a tight-knit group of people. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my younger sisters, training in Wing Tsun martial arts, and being as creative as possible. I have so many ideas about how I want to spend my life that I'm not sure what to choose... So I like to dip my toes in a little bit of everything!


Tara Magee


I am a Steiner school graduate who has a particular interest in the Arts. I have yet to choose a path in higher education, but it will be happening in the future. I was introduced to TwoTicks via Doug, my father, after my high school graduation and have been with them since the start of 2019. 


Tayla Morgan


I started at Twoticks while studying Law and Criminology and now with my degree in hand, I am continuing to assist in the operations team. Before moving to the Windy City, I grew up in a small town in Auckland. When I am not working I am hanging out with friends, kickboxing, reading a good book, going to the movies or playing netball.

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Zoe Worth


I am in my third year of studying HR and Psychology at the Victoria University of Wellington. I have recently joined Twoticks and I am thoroughly enjoying being a part of the team and learning the ins and outs of the business. In my free time I am often out trying to find the best coffee cafes in Wellington, studying, going on hikes or catching up with friends.



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