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The team behind TwoTicks

We are a bunch of HR students/graduates, recruitment specialists and other areas of expertise, here to help our clients have a great hiring experience. 

Doug Magee

Founder/Director- New Zealand

I have 40 years of work experience, which over 20 has been in hiring and recruitment. I spent 15 years in the IT&T industry and also spent some time as an Accountant and a Research Analyst. When I am not working, we have 2 children and a holiday house in a plot of olive trees in Martinborough. I love boating in my little runabout/fishing boat off the Wellington coastline and am working on my career as a golf pro but I have a looooong way to go!

Tony Parkin

Director - Australia

I have thirty years' experience in the recruitment industry and have successfully completed recruitment mandates for Australian and New Zealand based clients both in Australia and across the globe. My wife and I enjoy sailing and compete in regular races on Sydney Harbour. We also enjoy chasing the snow whenever spare time allows. 

Sara Jenkins-Fowler

Operations Manager

I have just joined the team as the new Operations Lead! I am experienced in call centre management so am very excited to be stepping into a new industry. In my spare time I enjoy reading, hiking and hanging out with friends.

Andre Wood


I have just joined the team as a Sales Consultant, I have extensive experience in sales, business development and customer service. I am excited to be starting something new and having the opportunity to help businesses find the right talent. In my spare time you can catch me diving off the South Coast or tinkering with engines.

Alani Butters


I am currently a second-year law and commerce student at Victoria University. When I'm not studying, I am trying something new, whether it be a new hobby or going on an adventure. The team here at TwoTicks provides me with so much support and expertise, allowing me to learn a lot and really make the most out of this awesome opportunity.

Jemima Pavey


I am currently in my 2nd year at Vic, doing an HR and Management degree. I'm stoked to be joining TwoTicks as I can't wait to get experience in this industry to use in my career in the future. In my free time, I like to hang out with my friends and go hiking with Sara.

Thomas Hatton


I am currently studying in my second year at Victoria University pursuing a Bachelors degree in Human Resources and Psychology. I have been enjoying gaining experience and insight with relevance to my degree. I like to spend my free time hanging out with my mates or going to the gym.

Emma Fitzgerald


I graduated from Victoria University of Wellington, majoring in Marketing and International Business. I sometimes help out the operations and sales teams so my name pops up here and there. In my spare time I am binge watching any good TV series I can find or with friends. 

Kinsey Pope


I graduated from Victoria University of Wellington, majoring in marketing and management. I have recently joined the Two Ticks team as marketing assistant and have been enjoying all the experience and insight this role has been giving me. When I'm not working with the team, you can normally find me either doing something creative in the house, outside tending to the flat garden or out and about hanging with my friends. 

Tara Magee


I am a Steiner school graduate who has a particular interest in the Arts. I have yet to choose a path in higher education, but it will be happening in the future. I was introduced to TwoTicks via Doug, my father, after my high school graduation and have been with them since the start of 2019. 


Office Superstar

Indi is the newest member of the TwoTicks team and started working very early on in his life (he's an overachiever). Indi gained the title 'office superstar' because of his ability to make everyone smile and to get the job done.


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