Finding the right people in IT can be a big project

If you're looking to fill a gap in your business, hiring is just another time-consuming task to add to your list. 

What would make filling that role easier is having a list of the best available people in the total market right now...

That's where TwoTicks comes in! Every week you receive your list so all that you need to do is arrange interviews. We are in the background working hard to find you the right person for your role so you can get back to your day job. 

Find out more about how our service works here.

We have seen it all...

Our team has seen it all when it comes to IT roles. We have worked alongside clients across New Zealand with roles such as;

  • Junior/Intermediate Desktop Engineer
  • PHP Developer
  • Experience Designer
  • Systems Engineer

And more! Have a look at our past advertising below

Examples of previous job adverts in IT

Free Trade Me Advertising

Engage with our service and we will throw in a free Trade Me advertisement (along with the already included Seek). 

Or get in touch to discuss whether TwoTicks could benefit your business.

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