The Best Places to Advertise Roles in New Zealand

It's critical to market your job role online in the appropriate places if you want to attract the best candidates.  

You should think about the content of the job advertisement, how much time you'll spend monitoring and measuring the responses, and the types of job seekers and candidates your ads will attract. No one wants to waste time and money advertising to the incorrect talent pool and sorting through a flood of resumes from unqualified individuals.
Applicants search for jobs by certain occupations, sectors, or companies, and different sites may attract different demographics. Although most of New Zealand’s job sites appear similar, their fees and represented industries vary widely so it’s important to know which offer the right coverage for the role. This maximises your ability to get your job listing in front of the best talent.

It's useful to know which job posting sites have the biggest search volume - and therefore visibility - for New Zealand’s job seeker audiences. 

Job Advertisement Importance

The job hiring advertisement is highly important. Although the primary aim is to attract potential applicants, job advertising can do much more. It is a comprehensive solution that helps with many hiring aspects, from day-to-day recruitment to boosting your employer brand value. 

By posting an engaging job advertisement on the correct sites, you can also get your business recognised by a wider audience. As a result, people will clearly understand your company and the type of work it provides, allowing business audiences to refer your company to more like-minded job seekers.
Never underestimate the content of the job advertisement, as this is what will truly grab an applicant’s attention. You can also represent your corporate values through the content of the job advertisement by including your business culture and expectations, further attracting compatible talent.

You’ll want to incorporate New Zealand's own local job sites to get your role in front of the correct people. We have compiled a list of the best job posting sites for employers and the total number of monthly users across all levels and sectors that you can expect to visit each site. With the aid of these sites, we can assist you to fill your positions quickly, with the right people.

Infographic of the best job posting sites for employers and the monthly users across the sites.

Source: www.semrush.com

New Zealand's best job posting sites for employers


  • Largest employment board in the world, with both free and paid job ads. 
  • 250 million monthly unique visits.
  • Provides job searchers with free access to search for jobs, upload resumes, and assess businesses and their roles. 
  • Boost option for job advertisements on a pay per click (PPC) rate which you can then edit and control to a daily budget. 
  • Offers questions and assessments to test applicants’ skills to speed up the hiring and vetting process. 


  • New Zealand’s most popular employment board for advertising job roles.
  • Offers PPC options. 
  • Access to candidate profiles on the SEEK Talent Search tool. 
  • Free candidate management tools.
  • It’s important you know which 30-day advertising listing best suits your organisation and budget. 

LinkedIn Jobs

  • The world's biggest professional network.
  • Post a job vacancy in minutes and track applications.
  • Share your top selections with your team to get crucial feedback.
  • Pay per click option offered. 
  • Personalised targeting. 

Student Job Search 

  • The ideal platform for advertising degree jobs to graduates or final year university students across New Zealand.
  • List jobs for free if targeting current or recently graduated tertiary students.
  • Does not conduct any official background or reference checks of students.
  • However, every student that registers confirms their study information and account details.


  • One of the largest free job posting sites in the world with a presence in several countries. 
  • A subsidiary of the SEEK Group with a significant presence in New Zealand.
  • Allows you to create a free job ad in minutes by filling out a simple job posting form.
  • Monitor your advert and applications through an employer account.


  • One of New Zealand’s most visited job sites.
  • Advertises a wide range of vacancies to an array of job seeker audiences across the country.
  • Allows for many ways to make your job hiring advertisement compelling, eg logos and promos.
  • Job categories are critical to the candidate experience - without clear wording and labelling, you may struggle to reach eligible audiences.


  • The largest 100% kiwi-owned job search site.
  • Provides the latest job opportunities like sales, part and full-time jobs for a range of job seekers.
  • Modern and cost-efficient with your company branding, logo and profile appearing alongside the advert. 
  • A unique annual membership model with unlimited job placements under a 12-month annual plan.
  • Candidates load their CV’s to the site so employers can view and sift through them immediately.

To reduce your hiring time, make use of these advertising methods and the best job posting sites for employers to facilitate your reach. The right budget management and a decent advertisement delivered to the right audience is key.

Spreading your advertising across all of the above-mentioned job sites is costly and time-consuming. This method could cost you at least $1500 each month, with a single poorly configured PPC ad costing over $1000. When you engage with TwoTicks we commit to finding your applicants quickly and cost-effectively, and we can advertise live on a number of these top New Zealand sites within 48 hours. TwoTicks have the resources, experience, and know-how to advertise your job on sites that are appropriate for the job and reflect your sector.
We have access to thousands of candidates across a range of different databases including TwoTicks internal database, TradeMe, MyJobSpace, Indeed, and Seek's Premium Talent Search databases. We search, assess and invite applicants that fit your role’s criteria to apply. This promotes your role to people that might have otherwise missed it and improves your chance of quality applicants. Then we qualify and engage with applicants' responses, update their latest details and once confirmed, we add them to your role and weekly report. Our hiring solution uses $1000+ worth of promotion and databases to maximise your applicant choices.

Please feel free to contact us for a no-obligation chat to learn more about how you can ensure you're hiring the best applicant for the job. We can assist you to create thorough hiring methods before going to market on the best job posting sites for your role.

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