Why It's Important To Hire Well

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Nothing creates a better foundation for the future of your business than hiring the right employee.

Bringing the right people on board ensures they will grow with you, contribute to your company's overall success and create opportunities for internal promotions - saving you from undergoing the hiring process again. 

A poor performer will have a negative influence on their fellow employees, affecting company culture, sales, and quality of work. Hiring the right employee prevents unnecessary and costly setbacks to your company's development.

Recruiting and keeping outstanding personnel can be difficult. Reviewing resumes, browsing profiles, and screening out candidates who don’t fit the company are only a small part of the process. Hiring managers must have specific approaches to recruitment and selection - hiring the right person will ultimately lead the business to success. 

​Benefits of hiring the right people:

  • Selecting the right talent from the start

Hiring an employee is a gamble without the right procedures in place. The calibre of your staff determines how successful your company is and therefore, you must place huge importance on hiring the right people. A potential employee’s experience and skill set should match what you require for the position, and show their potential to be a valuable asset to your company.  

  • The right personality and cultural fit

Every employee, from the front desk to the executives, is a representative of your company. Therefore, finding and hiring the right employee who reflects the company culture involves more than simply locating the most skilled individuals. It's all about finding qualified people who best fit your team.

Companies must be clear on their objectives and culture, taking into consideration how the business runs and looks in reality. For example, organisations focused on training and in-house growth may prioritise creative types over people who respond best to following step by step protocols.

  • Smooth induction and training process

It takes time to train personnel, familiarise them with your company's operations, and integrate them into your team. Depending on the complexity of the role, it may take months for your new recruit to achieve maximum productivity. Hiring the right person from the beginning saves you wasting significant time, effort and resources training someone who won’t contribute effectively to your business - or who will leave you back where you started with the same position to fill. 

  • Improve retention and reputation

High staff turnover is costly. It lowers productivity, decreases engagement, and impacts your staff morale. Identify the right individual for the role, and you will keep them for the long haul. 

Dissatisfied employees reflect badly on you as an employer, so to protect your company’s image, hire the right employee. If a bad employee is affecting your business, you can expect the word to spread throughout the industry - especially if you’re advertising the same role repeatedly. Hiring the right employee will strengthen your company’s reputation, while keeping the workplace culture consistent for your existing employees. 

  • Increase and maximise productivity

Time is precious. Running a hiring process entails removing senior members of your team from their regular duties to assess applications and conduct interviews. Your hiring managers can get back to business more efficiently if you have a comprehensive recruiting procedure to hire the right person.

A great hire will learn fast and adapt to their new workplace with ease - meaning your company can reach ultimate productivity faster. 

  • Save time and money

It's no secret that recruiting is an expensive process - so maximising payoff from hiring the right employee is crucial. You‘re taking time out of your recruiting managers' schedules, while spending on background checks, skills testing, and job board listings. When you choose the wrong individual, you'll have to repeat the hiring process - meaning twice the expense. Hiring the right people saves your company time and money upfront and in the long term.

  • Reduce legal risk or damage to the company

A bad hire can have a detrimental impact on your business. They may endanger consumers or co-workers’ safety, steal from your business, or create a hostile work environment. Even simple ineptitude can harm your valuable customer relationships. Hiring the right employee will keep your business reputation untarnished - and even help to build it. 

Every employee needs access to corporate websites, accounts, software, and sensitive information, so trusting your employees is crucial. A bad hire who doesn’t respect this sensitive information can lead to a cyber-security risk that your IT department may not be equipped to mitigate. Hiring the right employee ensures only a select number of trusted individuals have access to your systems - keeping your data and your business safe.

  • Contributes to team diversity and company culture

Businesses grow when teams work together on a similar mission or aim. Bringing in the best team players will help shape the culture of your organisation, just as bringing in the incorrect individual may sabotage your goals.
Every new recruit should fit into your company like a jigsaw piece in a much greater picture. The benefits of hiring the right employee include bringing inspiration and camaraderie to your corporate culture while also adding new talent and diverse experience. A bad hire can harm your team's morale - whether they corrupt the work atmosphere with a bad attitude or push other team members to pick up their slack.

To conclude

Knowing how to hire the right people has never been more important. Businesses must be open and honest about their demands and make bold decisions to ensure they find the best recruit.
Protect yourself from poor hiring with thorough employee screening procedures such as criminal background checks, reference checks, verification checks, skills testing, personality evaluations, and targeted interview questions. These techniques, when paired with a clear understanding of the role requirements and your business culture, will help you make the right choice. The hiring process can be drawn-out and costly - hiring the right employee the first time around means your money and resources have been well spent. 
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the hiring process. Our team of experts at TwoTicks will assist you to create thorough hiring methods before taking your role to the market - to guarantee you're employing the best individual for the position.

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