Hiring remotely is a hassle

TwoTicks will double your application response from our additional promotion and organise your hiring needs - including remote interview coordination.

Part of Consultus Group

TwoTicks is part of the Consultus Group and has been operating in New Zealand and Australia for over 20 years.

Additional support

We work alongside your business to diminish your hiring hassles and maximise your available time.

Affordable hiring

Less cost than doing it yourself and more affordable than a recruiter. No success fee charged on placement.

Past work

We cover all industries and have worked with clients on roles such as administrators, quantity surveyors, accountants and more.

Let's coordinate your hiring needs

"I am really impressed with the level of expertise and input that Twoticks placed on sourcing suitable candidates. I was very impressed at the level of criteria used and placed on all the applicants. All the data was readily available and links to weekly reports were very easy to use and follow."

"I think two ticks is a good value for money, it saved me time sort through loads of CV's and we had strong and suitable applicants to choose from."

How we work

Initial engagement

A quick consultation will take place to define the role, determine your desired criteria in a candidate and highlight the key selling points in order to draft your advertisement. 


A professional advertisement is then prepared and sent to you for approval. Once approved, it is uploaded within 48 hours to numerous job boards (along with your choice of paid advertising) for maximum visibility. 

Database search

We database search multiple sites to optimise your response. Our database access includes Trade Me, MyJobSpace, Indeed and our own databases as well as Seek's Premium Talent Search. 

Processing applicants

All applicants are then processed, notified of their status, reviewed and summarised by our operations team. This creates your weekly overview of suitable candidates. 

Telephone interviews

Potential candidates are telephone interviewed. We assess and confirm their communication skills, immigration status, current and expected income, the reason for their interest in the role and when they are available to start. 

Weekly overview

An overview of all applicants is provided each week. They are ranked in order of their suitability for the role and a brief summary is provided. CV's are presented for those who meet your criteria.

Coordination of remote interviews included

Twoticks will coordinate your online interviews. All you need is a smartphone, laptop or tablet and we will set up the rest.

Frequently Asked Questions

What experience do you have? 

Our directors have over 25 years of experience in the recruitment industry. They identified and addressed the core pinch points of the hiring process and utilised their expertise and advanced systems to deliver our top service. 

What does the $1420 include?

✓ Quick consultation to define your role 
✓ Phone screening and online database searches
✓ Online advertising worth in excess of $900✓ Weekly overview of all applicants
✓ Writing and placement of advertisement
✓ Remote interview coordination 
✓ Applicants managed and reviewed✓ Minimum 2 months of ongoing support

How long does this take?

Your role will be advertised within 48 hours of our engagement and you will have your first shortlist the following Friday. As most advertising response comes in the first 2 weeks, we would expect you to have a strong list of applications within 10 day working days. On average, it will take a month to have the rolled filled, that is from the advertisement date to the candidate saying they will take the job. 

Do you charge a finding fee?

There are no finders fees. If you are wanting more than one hire, get in touch and we can come up with a feasible solution.

Are there payment options?

$1420+GST is billed and due on engagement. This can be paid by bank transfer or credit card. 

Let's work together

Fill out the information below and one of our consultants will be in touch.

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