Every role engaged with our standard package includes two months of paid advertising on either Seek or Trade Me. Below are other paid promotional options that can be included for an additional cost.

If you would like to advertise on sites that aren't listed below, we would be happy to look into them.

*with Seek's Premium Ad we do charge a 20% management fee as we don't receive a margin on this product.

Seek Advertising

Roles listed on Seek use the Classic Ad option. If you would like your role to really shine, you can upgrade to a StandOut or Premium Ad for an additional charge. 

TradeMe Advertising

Roles listed on Trade Me use the Casual Listing option. To boost your listing you can upgrade to a Feature Ad.

LinkedIn Advertising

TwoTicks price: POA (price on advertisement)

LinkedIn charges for a role based on two variables: daily (or total) budget and pay-per-click which means that you are charged every time a candidate views your role. 

Daily Budget: A maximum budget is set each day for the roles listed on LinkedIn. Once this target has been reached, the role is removed from active marketing for the remainder of the day (but will still be searchable and open to new applicants). The budget is renewed the next day, along with active marketing. 

Total Budget: This is the maximum amount you will be charged for the duration of the job listing. When this target is reached, LinkedIn automatically pauses the role and you are given the option to either increase your budget or close the job. 

If you would like to list your role on LinkedIn, there is a charge of $360 (negotiable dependent on your preferred total budget). This includes the recommended total budget of $300 and a 20% management fee (as we receive no discount on LinkedIn advertising). 


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